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         David Lara was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. During the summer of 1976,  he decided to take a trip to Carney, OK where  a friend lived. As it turns out, he was quite fond of Oklahoma and decided to stay, but he needed a job. He started by cleaning up construction sites for new houses being built in Perkins, OK. This is where he met Vance Pogue who worked for Pogue City Plumbing doing heating & air conditioning. This is where he worked until 1980 when the owner, Red Pogue, decided to split the company in two; a plumbing business and a heating & air conditioning business. The plumbing side was sold and turned into Cimarron Mechanical Inc. The heating & air conditioning side went to Red's nephew, Vance, who turned it into Pogue Heating & Air Conditioning.

       After the change in ownership, David decided to work at Oklahoma State University in the mechanical department. It was around this time that he met Eugene Dennis. Eugene worked full-time at OSU and ran his side company, Dennis Air Conditioning Service. During this time, Eugene and David developed a friendship.

        In 1985,  David purchased Pogue Heating & Air and changed the name to Country Comfort Heating & Air. Eugene continued to work full time at OSU, while also running his air conditioning business until 1995, he decided to leave the college and operate Dennis Air Conditioning Service full-time.

       Throughout the years, David and Eugene worked together as consultants and organized sub-contracting ventures. This continued until January 1st, 2007 when Eugene decided to dissolve Dennis Air Conditioning Service and become a stock-holder and Vice President of Country Comfort Heating & Air.

       Over the years, David and Eugene have shaped the company by hard work, knowledge, and dependability. Eugene retired in January of 2017, while David has dreams of retiring soon. The company is now ran by Jason Lara who began working with the company full-time in 2003. We look forward giving our customers the same commitment, dependability, and honesty David and Eugene have provided all these years!

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